Teachers up and down the country are busy re-inventing the wheel. Why be one of them?

I have been a teacher for over twenty years and it saddens me to see colleagues struggling week by week to find and create learning resources that will help them to deliver the Primary National Curriculum or the objectives identified as NAHT Key Performance Indicators.

Let me help you to regain your work-life balance.

I am not a graphic artist, I don’t have a team of minions creating content but what I do have is experience and expertise. (I’m also pretty nifty with computers!)

I deliberately keep the cost of subscribing to my resources low. I hope you will find them useful.

You can go straight to the subject resources, but a better plan might be to go to the ‘I can…’ Statements and the links attached.

Please try out my free resources for size. If they ‘fit’, please register below for premium resources.

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    English, Maths and Science.
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    English, Maths and Science.
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    Everything - the whole kit and kaboodle.